Energy Efficiency at TED 2013

March 1, 2013

Ted_LogoClimate change and energy efficiency are perennial hot topics at the annual TED Talk Conference. This years conference is currently underway in Long Beach, California. As presentations are completed, the TED team is posting Live From TED2013 updates at their blog. Two immediately caught my eye.

The Psychology of Saving Energy

opower_logo2The first being a presentation from OPOWER President and CEO, Alex Laskey. The talk highlighted an experiment conducted using their web-based home energy monitoring, analysis apps.

Yes, it was a bit of a sales pitch, but the findings are interesting. Laskey discusses their attempt to promote energy efficiency awareness and encourage energy management behaviors.

Although a video of this TED Talk has not been produced yet, a brief outline of the presentation can be found at this post: The psychology of saving energy: Alex Laskey at TED2013.

A Clean Energy Proposal – Race to the Top!

The second presentation is from former Michigan Governor  Jennifer Granholm. In her discussion, Granholm outlined the challenges she faced in bringing renewable energy companies to Michigan and how a different approach could benefit the U.S.

She also discusses the lack of a national energy efficiency policy and how this is giving other countries, like China, an advantage. Her solution is to mimic the Race to the Top education program. A video of the full presentation follows:

Would it work? We need to do something to catch up to other countries with progressive energy efficiency policies.

However keep one thing in mind…Granholm is positioning herself as a strong candidate for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Administrator role, being vacated by Dr. Steven Chu. And recently gave a similar (perhaps identical) presentation at DOE Headquarters in D.C., as recapped by a post at the Governor’s Wind Energy Coalition titled Granholm Pitches ‘Race to Top’ Grant Program for States.

What your thoughts on these strategies? Is a national awareness toward energy efficiency and clean power finally gaining traction? Or is this more rhetoric from company owners and political leaders? Is TED turning into an infomercial for product manufacturers and politicians? We would love to hear your thoughts in the Comment section below.

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